Recognised as one of New Zealand's most imaginative and accomplished creators of corporate, gala and special events. Our talented event design team has combined experience and can transform any venue into a work or artistry.


What cities and venues do you work in?

Everywhere and anywhere! Our funky and bright vehicles are spied all over New Zealand. Nearly every week we are producing an event in Auckland closely followed by all sorts of destinations. If they do conferences and incentives we go there.
From our Central North Island hub of warehouses, we shoot off in all directions – Bay of Islands, Hamilton, Rotorua, Taupo, Tauranga and Whakatane. New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Wellington, Marlborough, Christchurch, Queenstown, Dunedin . . . anywhere you want to take us, we love to see the country.

If you travel, does that mean that we will be spending most of our budget on getting you there?

Our clients prove we are affordable regardless of travel and keeping on budget is not a problem so this is not the case. There is very little we need to hire, so we can pack directly from our warehouses and hit the road. Our costs are transparent and we would never let travel get in the way of a great event.

Where do you find all your gear, where does everything come from?

Event Impressions owns a massive array of event decor equipment. This way we can give you the best price yet highest quality. Much of what we have is unique meaning you have exclusive access to something not available anywhere else in NZ. We make, create, buy and import all sorts of weird and wonderful things. With so many years experience we also know where to find fabulous things and we pull together all sorts of treasures in the name of making a venue sing.

How much does it cost to dress up an event?

Ask yourself what is the purpose of the event, what type of people are attending, where is it and how many people then tell us this information. A bit of background is really useful – what has been done in the past few years and important factors such as it being a 25th anniversary or awards night. Without this, price is a stab in the dark.
We need to understand what it is you need to achieve, THEN we know what is needed and the costing begins. Asking us for our recommendations will often enable you to benefit from a current trend or easy availability of gear equaling great prices for you.
In reverse, we also happily work to a fixed figure.

Can you organise our entire event?

Part of our talent is to pick the right style of event for your needs and help you pull it together. This might include music, entertainment, MCs or speakers, flowers, print work and branding. If it’s connected to a social occasion, then YES, we can do whatever is needed. We naturally work alongside catering and audio/visual companies for almost every event we do so we get to know different teams and venues as well as them getting to know us. All this makes your job even easier.
So while we’re setting up all the fun stuff, it allows you to carry on organising your conference content, key notes, accommodation and travel bookings.

What’s the smallest/largest event you will do?

Easy – any size, no minimum, no maximum.
We do intimate tables for groups of 8 (less if you ask) and are stocked and prepared to cater to 1000s.

Can I hire from you?

Yes. Event Impressions has a hire division called Diy Events . . . . . . set up exactly for this purpose. You will find the same great quality and variety of gear Event Impressions offer online with prices. Place an order and it is freighted to you anywhere in New Zealand. Professional expertise or additional transportation is required for some items which are tagged with easy to understand information.