The Event Impressions Story

We are a team poised to innovate and inspire – your event styling and décor superheroes.

Dedicated, hard-working, creative. Passionate, proud, professional. We put our heart and soul into seamlessly styling successful events all over NZ, and have done so since 2002.

We’re personally invested in the success of your event. Events can be physically taxing and time-challenging, the adrenalin and reward being our professional satisfaction as we see our visions come to fruition, your guests wowed and delighted. Style and fun working together.
For us, nothing beats the smile of a happy client with happy guests.

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Introducing Event Impressions

Who are we?
What do we do?
Our vision and commitment to you

Event Impressions Safety and Responsibility
You saw it first with us

Our Crazy Skills

Event Decor and Design 100
Specialty Linen 85
Awards & Gala Dinners 100
Event Lighting & Ambience 85
Tenpin Bowling 10
Eating out 60

Meet Our Team


Jeff Alexander
Joint director of Event Impressions, Jeff is the directive visionary force that drives Event Impressions forward.
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Jacqui AlexanderCreative Director
Joint director of Event Impressions but chief in charge of creative, Jacqui assumes many roles – designer, creator, interpreter of needs, translator of concept to creation, and finishing touch visionary. Whilst also the walker of the dog!
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JP Alquezar
JP Alquezar
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Denise Byrne
Denise Byrne
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Blair Anderson
Blair Anderson
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Bronwyn Allen
Bronwyn Allen
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Kylie Cardon
Kylie Cardon
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The Army of Event Creators
The Army of Event Creators
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Lexi Dog
Lexi Dog
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Where we work

Event Impressions are experienced in most venues around the country, too many to list. Here are some venues that our clients visit most often.